Station equipment

My station consists of a Kenwood TS-590S for HF operation, an Ameritron AL-80B Amplifier, Heathkit SA-2060A antenna tuner, a Rigblaster Nomic modified by K5WW to allow for RTTY FSK operation using the TS-590S narrow FSK filtering. The antenna “garden” consists of a Cushcraft A3S 3 element tribander sitting atop 35 ft of Rohn 25G, a  W7FG True Ladder Line 102 ft dipole and an elevated Hustler 6BTV for 30 & 40 meter DX. The dipole’s ladder line is interfaced with a 1:1 balun by Balun Design fed by 8 ft of LMR 400 coax, while it is a known fact that a G5RV or 102 ft dipole is a poor performer on 17 & 30 meters this set up has put many QSOs in my log book. Additional equipment I3 PC built by Compu TX (it was my PC mentioned that was submerged under 6 feet of silty Rio Grande water for two weeks!) and an I5 I built. I use  DX Labs software, MMTTY and MultiPSK.

Compu TX