SDRplay RSP2 software defined radio

SDRplay RSP2  Enhanced Radio Spectrum Processor SDR Receiver

I acquired a SDRplay RSP2 in June 2018 from Ham Radio Outlet. I’ve done a few tests on different bands MF, HF and VHF this “little box” is a very nice receiver in such a small package and even more the small price of $169.95. It does have a considerable learning curve and my only disappointment is that the free software SDR Uno does not come with more documentation though it is a very good application. I really want to make an effort to set the RSP2 up as a pan-adapter for my TS-590S for spotting digital signals. I also always wanted to try receiving the Low Eart Orbitting weather satellites operating in the 137 MHZ area.

The RSP2 allows for up to a 10 MHZ section of bandwidth to be monitored at one time while using the RSP SAS Spectrum software allowing a full band sweep on 2 meters and partial band sweeps on 70 CM looking for new activity in our area.

I have paid much more for receivers that were lesser performers than the RSP2. Admittedly it has a kind of tough learning curve for old school dogs like myself and while I would not jump in feet first to getting an amateur radio SDR transceiver I definitely like this unit and there is no doubt it will provide several hours of new experiments.