QSL info

I would be happy to confirm Val Verde County / DL99nj for you. QSL via direct only. USA requests must furnish SASE with request no exceptions. I am good on LoTW and eQSL.

Please when I am making a directional call such as CQ DX if you are not DX to the continental U.S. then do not call me as I am working a narrow DX window open for a brief time only at my local sunrise and sunset times. Were I to want to work U.S. stations then I would not be calling CQ DX. Any “forced” U.S. QSOs will not be logged nor confirmed. Otherwise I am happy to work any station and am open to working a scheduled QSO to help you to confirm my county & grid, email me.

I love chasing DX have gotten DXCC and am working on more entities as possible. I use LoTW as much as possible and only collect cards if a DX station does not use LoTW there fore my cards are very simple, plain and cheap but they do confirm our QSO. Hope no one is disappointed! 🙂