Upgraded to Mosley PRO 57B

For several years I have been wanting an antenna for 17 meter band instead of the 102 FT doublet I have used for the past few decades now but there was no room in our small city lot yard for another antenna … thus I decided on upgrading to a 5 band Yagi made by Mosley the PRO-57B.

I have only had the PRO57B installed for around two weeks now so can’t really give a good accounting on its performance but materials and workmanship are excellent. The PRO 57B is built very well, made to last. With the exception of the cast aluminum clamping blocks the remainder of the hardware is stainless steel. When building the antenna one does need to pay close attention to removing any and all burs on the pre drilled holes as not doing so can cause the closely fitting aluminum tubing to seize or bind making for a harder job assembling it.

There is no measuring needed to assemble the Mosley what tubing lengths are critical to proper tuning are color coded for three different parts of the ban low, middle and high. One only needs to select the color given in the assembly manual for the portions of the band that they wish to work. The one thing I would change on the Mosley is to the instruction manual adding a couple of close up photographs of the antenna to clarify a bit more.

K5WW described the Pro-57B as a tank, an aluminum tank. Indeed it is.