40 Meter vertical Delta loop

Prior to my having the brain surgery I always built my own wire antennas but now with my construction abilities especially soldering limited I chose to buy a commercially built delta loop. After researching it was determined that Hypower Antenna Company offered delta loop antennas in their product line up and the review ratings on eham.net for their products were very good. I was surprised to learn that Hypower Antenna Company only accepts orders and payment for products by USPS mail, so the order form was printed out, a check written and mailed to the company another pleasant surprise was receiving a call from Dean from Hypower inquiring how I wanted the loop’s feed point set up – balun, coax, ladder line, etc. A few days later the antenna arrived via USPS, inspecting the product it is a very well built antenna – something I would be proud to build.

The apex of the loop is at 30 ft on an arm attached to the Hazer on my tower. The loop itself is just a little over 30 ft tall and alopes away from the tower to where the lower corners are tied off to 7ft tall T-posts, loop is at approximately 60 degrees to the ground so has good low angle radiation from its vertical orientation.

How does it work? Great! No it isn’t a 3 element Yagi at 120 ft up but it does allow me to work my share of DX on 40 meters from our cluttered city lot.